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Installing a Walnut Dash and Centre Console

Walnut Dash and Centre Console

One of the attractions of the early British sports cars is the wooden dashboard which really adds to the classic experience. Unfortunately the MG B does not come with a wooden dashboard although there are many after market kits on the market. I decided to fit a walnut veneer type from Moss Europe which is a kit that fits directly onto the original dashboard.

The dashboard comes in sections and fits over the instruments, indicator lights and controls switches although the temperature controls have to be removed to fit the walnut veneer.
The veneer attaches to the original dashboard with some small black self tapping screws. The veneer was positioned on the dashboard and the location holes marked. Small holes were drilled and the veneer attached using the screws supplied.

On the earlier MG B’s the centre console is where the speaker for the radio is housed. My MG has no radio and I have no intention to fit one and when I bought the car the centre console had an ammeter and clock fitted where the speaker grill was. This had not been done very well so when I decided to do the dashboard I did the console at the same time. Again the console walnut kit was bought from Moss with the chrome surround for the speaker grill but instead of the speaker I made up a wooden holder for the clock and the ammeter which I stained and varnished to look very similar to the walnut.

You can also buy walnut door cappings but decided not to fit these as I think there might be too much wood.